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Lego Chima stickers

The exciting Lego Chima sticker collection, which spans the world of Chima and the fight for the CHI. Featuring all of the main Lego Chima characters, from Cragger the crocodile and Laval the Lion to Sir Fangar, the leader of the Ice Hunters, kids can learn the history of the world of Chima. Including over 240 action-packed stickers, comprising of character stickers and special large foil stickers, this is a must-have collection!

The 240-sticker set has the main characters of the mythical Lego line, such as Laval the Lion and the evil Fangar. Images on the stickers are posed action shots using the toys themselves.

Each pack of Topps Lego Legends of Chima has five stickers. There's also a starter pack that has the album and 31 stickers.

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